How to Get the Best Out Of Virtual Internships and Cohorts

When it comes to acquiring skills online,
You could easily read books online, or even enroll in a self-paced course to get started.

But joining virtual internship is different.
The key to learning anything is creating space for deliberate practice that is supervised.

It is easy to read books about a particular skill, but the truth is they barely scratch the surface on what it takes to get results that go on to meet the demands of most recruiters.

In a cohort, participants are held accountable through the project and task delivery commitments they make in the course of the internship.
This is feasible because experienced coaches and mentors help facilitate and reinforce these commitments through real-time tasks, grading, and interaction with interns.

More so, in a cohort, you practice as you learn,

You are also exposed and guided through principles, procedures, and tools needed to excel in your career.

However, despite how beneficial virtual internships have proven to be, not every intern knows how to get the best out of it.

Research has shown that an average of about 40% of people who joined an internship, do not follow through to the end.

This can be traced to a couple of factors ranging from lack of concentration on the side of the intern, material challenges like data, power supply, devices and a few others.

As someone who has participated in various cohorts on different skills, I have come up with a solution for anyone willing to join any virtual internship.

Here are four tips to help you maximize virtual internships.

1. Be Committed.
By joining a cohort or a virtual internship, you should be prepared to make some level of sacrifices.
Since it is a virtual event, the organizers will employ the use of various apps for meeting and workspace, apps such as Zoom, Slack, for practice, and group work. And depending on your niche you might be working with a couple of software that requires data for their basic operation.
So to truly benefit, you need to be ready to invest your time and data.

2. Do not skip Tasks and Challenges.
This is not like your classroom assignments, where you’re only concerned about the grades, tasks given to you during the virtual internship are designed to set the ball rolling for you. As you take part in tasks and challenges, you’re not only acquiring knowledge, you’re also building a good resumé and a great portfolio for yourself. Most internships can lead to a full-time job, so it is expedient you take it seriously.

3. Build a network of Experts and Beginners in your field: This is simply about building relationships. As you undergo your training, be sure to connect with fellows who are gurus and some beginners who are ahead, that way you can get some recommendations in the future, better still, you get to learn more from them.

4. Have a readiness to monetize what you have learned:
It is good you have a goal in mind before joining or while undergoing any training.
Your goal could either be to work as a freelancer for brands and businesses or to pass the knowledge down in form of training. Either way, have a mind to monetize your newly acquired skill.

At the end of your internship, if you have been serious with the tasks and assignments, you should be able to come up with a portfolio from the tasks and assignments.
With this portfolio, you can convince clients of your level of proficiency.

Finally, ensure you do not sit on your certificate.
Since 99% of Internships are designed to equip you with high-income skills. Now that you have undergone the training, It is time to sell yourself. If no one knows about your craft, it is your fault.

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If you have undergone any virtual internship, I’d like to know what your biggest challenge was, leave a comment in the comment session.




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Content Developer •|• Digital Strategist

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